Ash Options
However, like burial, having a final destination is important for the closure of a loved one’s death. When deciding what to do there are basically three options for you to consider: Interment, Scattering, or Keeping them.


For some people having a special place to visit and remember someone is important. Having a place where the ashes of someone are interred, and perhaps a memorial plaque marking that place, serves this purpose well.

Most cemeteries have special ash interment areas from which you can choose a plot and place a plaque. Hamilton’s cemetery has a variety of options for ash interment and/or memorial plaques. We are very willing to discuss with, and even show you the various options, and also help you with creating a plaque.

Cemeteries are not the only place in which ashes can be buried. Some people prefer to bury their loved one’s ashes at home and mark it by planting a tree or something similar. The main consideration with this is what will happen to that special place if you sell your property?


Ashes can be scattered in selected areas at some cemeteries, or can be scattered at other locations you feel are appropriate. A memorial plaque may also be placed at a site in a cemetery without the ashes physically being there just by purchasing a memorial space or plot to place it.

Keeping the Ashes

Some people like to keep the ashes of their loved one at home. Sometimes it may only be for a short time until an appointed interment date. If families decide to keep the ashes of a loved one they may choose a more appropriate urn to keep them in. We have a large range of urns to choose from and can create an engraved plaque to be placed on the urn of your choice.