Catering and Flowers

Offering refreshments after a service is always an important aspect of a funeral service. This is a time to meet with family members and friends, to share stories and reflect on the deceased person's life. Here at Seddon Park Funeral Home we have a reception lounge with a courtyard adjacent to our chapel. We have a hostess who will ensure that the function runs smoothly. Your hostess will make sure everything is taken care of including serving tea and doing the cleaning when everyone has left.

Flowers are always a lovely addition to making the funeral of your loved one special or unique. Throughout the time of grieving it is often difficult for people to put feelings into words. Giving flowers, or having flowers at the funeral puts words into a practical expression. Funeral flowers also generate a feeling of love and warmth, where this may sometimes be absent. The options are limitless depending on the kind of flowers liked by you or your loved one. Your imagination is in fact the only limit. There are formal and informal options for flower arrangements. You may wish to choose a natural bunch of flowers or a more traditional casket spray to go on top of your loved one’s casket. When making the choice it is good to think about whether you wish to keep the flowers or if you would like them to go with your loved one. There are also several options for church, chapel, or venue arrangements. Once again what you decide is individual to you and your family, and what your loved one would have desired. Flowers are a great way of showing your love and appreciation for the person that has passed away.