Where to Begin

Contact us as soon as possible to take care of you and your loved one. The Funeral Director will guide you through some information to help you make the right choices during a difficult time.


At Seddon Park Funeral Home we will walk beside you to help create lasting memories of your loved one. We believe it is important to listen to how you would like the service put together and help preserve those precious memories. We will give you advice and guidance if needed rather than telling you what to do. Your Funeral Director will make arrangements to sit down with you to obtain information and the ideas you may have.

Burial or Cremation

This is one of the first questions your Funeral Director will ask you. This is important to know because additional documentation is needed for cremation. It is a legal requirement for the doctor to see the deceased after death if the decision is cremation.


We can make arrangements for the burial with most cemeteries in the region. If you are using Hamilton Park Cemetery, Newstead and want to obtain more information then you can visit their website and remember your funeral director will take care of these arrangements for you.

Click here for the Hamilton Park Cemetery


Cremation is a widely accepted alternative to burial. Your Funeral Director will take care of all the formalities needed for cremation. At Hamilton Crematorium the cremation will normally take place the same day but in some cases it will only take place the following day. Normally the ashes are available within 48 hours from your funeral director.

It is important that the family decide at some stage what will happen to the ashes;
  1. They can be buried in an ash plot or in a grave with a loved one.
  2. They can be scattered
  3. They can be divided so that more than one family member can keep them
  4. They can be sent to another destination in New Zealand or overseas.

Information on Cremation

  1. Only one cremation takes place at a time (one person and one casket)
  2. It is normal practice to cremate a deceased person in a casket. During a cremation the wood “disappears” and the ashes are pure human remains.
  3. Our local crematorium in Hamilton cremates the casket as you have last seen it including the handles, nameplate etc.
  4. “Followed by private cremation” refers to the time the hearse moves away from the funeral service accompanied by the funeral director or some family members only.
  5. You may want to arrange for a committal service or an informal ‘saying goodbye’ to farewell your loved one at the Crematorium lounge after the funeral service.

Service Venue

We have a purpose built chapel with all the facilities on one site to enable you to have a funeral service and a cup of tea without travelling to another venue.
If you are a member of a church, we encourage you to have a service in the church. We will make all the arrangements with the Clergy, Church, Organist and Catering.

There are other venues available and we can assist you by making the arrangements;
- Hamilton Park Crematorium Chapel
- The Rose Gardens
- Te Rapa Racecourse
just to mention a few.


We can assist in making arrangements with Clergy, Priests and Celebrants. If you are unsure of who to engage to officiate at the service we will be happy to recommend someone we feel would be suitable. Normally the Celebrant will make contact with the family to get a better understanding of their requirements for the service.

A time together

Many people find it helpful to spend time with their loved one before the service. At both Seddon Park Funeral Home and Sadliers Funeral Services we have rooms where you can visit. Some families might find comfort in having their loved one home for as long as needed to say personal farewells. This time together can assist in the grieving process as it allows people to accept the reality of the death of that person. This could also be a time to place momentos such as cards, letters and photos in the casket.

We encourage visiting at

Seddon Park Funeral Home between 8:30am and 5:00pm, Monday to Friday and Sadliers Funeral Services between 9:00am and 12:00pm, Monday to Friday.
You are welcome to visit outside these hours by organising a convenient time with your Funeral Director.

Newspaper Notice

If you would like us to compose and prepare a newspaper notice on your behalf, please complete the form below with the detail you wish to appear.

Click here for a newspaper notice template.


We can define the embalming process as a surgical procedure to introduce a preservative and sanitizing fluid into the body tissues via the arterial system. The body is washed, dressed and prepared as you would wish.

The purpose for embalming is;
- Sanitation
- Preservation
- Presentation
The end result of embalming is that the deceased person is presented in a safe, clean and hygienic manner. At Seddon Park Funeral Home we are proud of our high standard and this is reflected through our presentation of your loved one to you.

Flowers, Music, Photos and Symbols

Family members can use carefully chosen symbols to create a service to reflect the personality and life the person has lived. Flowers, music and photos can add to the ambience as well.

Symbols that you may want to use;
- Candles as a symbol of love, light and hope.
- A flag draped over the casket, (New Zealand flag or any other flag.)
- Academic, sporting or community achievement awards.
- Art, craft, other artifacts and hobbies.

Music can communicate directly to our hearts.

This is an important part of a service and can be played directly from a CD, DVD or our computer system.
If you wish you can include a choir, singers or a soloist to reflect that something special of your loved one.


You can supply your own flowers or your Funeral Director can arrange this for you. You can personalize the flowers by choosing the colour, the type of flowers being used, adding vegetables, sport equipment, photos and ribbons.


We can do the catering on your behalf or you might wish to do it yourself. This is an important part of a funeral service when family and friends gather together.


It is important that you approach Pallbearers prior to the funeral service. In New Zealand the normal way of carrying a casket is at arms length. It is preferable for six people to be available as Pallbearers.
In some parts of the world it is practice to carry the casket on the shoulder but this tends to be reserved for full military or VIP funerals. If the family prefer to use the shoulder carrying method then please advise your funeral director in advance because a rehearsal with the Pallbearers might be necessary.

Family Transport

Most families make use of their own transport but we are willing to assist you in making other arrangements if required.

Ex Service Personnel

The local RSA is happy to attend and conduct a Returned Service Tribute for any service person who has died. The formality normally consists of playing the Last Post, saying the Ode and playing the Reveille. In addition the flag is draped over the casket and poppies can be supplied for those wishing to place them on the casket. Service Persons and their spouses are entitled to be buried in a subsidised plot in most cemeteries with a subsidised plaque by the New Zealand Government. The service details will be required and if they are unknown, we can obtain them from Personnel Archives at the Department of Veteran's Affairs.

Order of Service

We can design and print these in full colour. Normally you will have the names, dates and photo of the deceased person on the front page. In the inside two pages you will have the name of the Clergy/Celebrant, Organist, the order of service and wording of the songs. On the back page we normally put the housekeeping, a family photo or poem. The Clergy or Celebrant gives us the information required after they have met with the family. It is our policy, where possible to get family to proof read and approve the service sheet before printing. This can be done by e-mail or in person.

Thank You Cards

We are able to create a personalised bereavement card with a photo for the family after the funeral service. This is a token from the family to acknowledge the support, phone calls, cards, flowers and kindness towards the family.

Recording of Service

We can arrange for an audiovisual recording of the funeral service on DVD. At our Seddon Park Funeral Home Chapel we can record the service with our static in-house camera or utilise the skills of a professional video operator for other venues.

Web Live Streaming

Our Seddon Park Funeral Home Chapel has the capability of web streaming the funeral service.
This enables family and friends anywhere in the world to watch the service as it happens over the internet. Please supply us with their email addresses so that we can send them the link.

Slideshows and PowerPoint Presentations

We can create a slideshow on a DVD to show during the service. Such a presentation can be meaningful to share more memories and highlights of a life. A good selection of photos is between 40 and 60. It is good to play an appropriate song while showing the photos. It is possible for families to put their own slideshow together but this will need to be tested 24 hours before the service.

Memorial Book

It is standard for most funeral services to have a memorial book for people to record their names. We encourage people to sign the book when they arrive or before they leave the venue. We normally supply this book and pen as part of our service.

Compassionate Airfares

Some airlines in New Zealand offer compassionate airfares to close family members travelling to attend funerals. If the airline does offer a discount, we will supply you with a supporting letter from our company. To be able to help you with this letter please supply us with the following information:
- Full names of people travelling
- Their relationship to the deceased person
- Their contact address & telephone number
- Departure point and destination
- Booking reference number and/or ticket number

Death Certificate

This is done by us electronically through Births, Deaths and Marriages in Wellington. We are required by law to apply for the death certificate on the day of the service. We will need to obtain the family information from you. A death certificate takes between five and 10 days before we can send it to the family. As soon as this arrives we will post it with the funeral account to the nominated person.

If the death was referred to the Coroner, you will notice the words ‘Subject to Coroner’s Findings’ in the cause of death section. This means that the official cause of death was not known at the time of registration of the death. It is possible to update the death certificate once the coroner's findings are completed. This is done by sending the original death certificate with ‘Subject to Coroner’s Findings’ back to Births, Deaths and Marriages with the supporting document from the Coroner. You may contact us and we will be happy to do this on your behalf.


We will send the Funeral Account to you once we have received the death certificate. This will include our Service Fee, Casket Price, GST and a list of disbursements such as Catering, Flowers, Newspaper Notices, Service Sheets, a Death Certificate and other charges as arranged with the family.

At the time of the arrangement you receive an estimate of costs. Please note this is not the final funeral account. If nothing has changed between the arrangement and finalising the funeral account the estimate price should be close to that of the invoice. Please note that normally the Hamilton City Council will invoice you directly for burial and cremation fees.

The payment date is six weeks after the date of death.

Probate and Estate Matters

Please make arrangements with the deceased's solicitor to discuss this matter.