Robert David Short (Bob)

Robert David Short (Bob)


Mobile: 0274 871 348

Bob is a retired Methodist Minister, who for the past 35 years has been actively involved in assisting people to celebrate major events in their life journeys. These include weddings, funerals, unveilings, blessings, naming ceremonies, christening and/or anniversaries.

Bob’s background includes 20 years as a meat inspector with the Ministry of Agriculture, prior to training at St Johns College as a clergy person. He has served in Methodist, Cooperating, and Union Parishes in the North Island and in the deep south of the South Island. Bob has served as an industrial chaplain, as well as a University Chaplain and a Hospital Chaplain. In his capacity as a Army Chaplain, he served in Singapore and in New Zealand, and has for many years taken active roles in ANZAC Day and Armistice Day Parades and Civic Occasions.

Bob offers a warm, sensitive outreach to people in their time of need. He meets people where they are and listens to them. In preparation for an event such as a funeral, he designs and tailors the occasion to meet individual needs, paying attention to detail and supporting folk to share their stories and the stories of their loved ones. Confidential interviews may occur in one’s own home prior to the event.

Please feel free to make contact with Bob Short on 0274 871 348