The Cornerstone Pre Paid Funeral Trust
Seddon Park & Sadliers Funeral Services offer an opportunity for you to make funeral arrangements and decisions now, with an option to pre-pay. Pre-paid funds are held in an independent trust and are applied for by the company under the terms of the trust deed.


Cornerstone Pre-paid Funeral Trust

  1. This is not an insurance policy. It is the pre-paid purchase of a funeral at today’s prices, which is not inflated by insurance commissions.
  2. The professional services fee and casket price remain inflation proofed.
  3. Disbursements e.g. flowers, catering, newspaper notices, etc. cannot be inflation proofed. These are charged at the current rate at the time of the funeral.
  4. Any interest that the Trust may earn on the pre-paid account is used to offset future inflation on the casket and professional services fee.
  5. The pre-payment can be transferred if you move away from the Waikato.
  6. The pre-payment can only be withdrawn if you go overseas permanently, or at the discretion of the Trustees.
  7. If a pre-arrangement is made at the time of making the pre-payment, it can be altered at any time by a written or verbal request.

Advantages of pre-paying in Cornerstone

  • Pre-paying can reduce cash asset balances when anticipating Rest Home care.
  • It anchors the price at today’s values.
  • It gives peace of mind.
  • It relieves family members of possible financial concerns and ensures your family is aware of your wishes for the funeral service.
  1. The pre-payment can be made either by a single payment at the time or by mutual agreement to meet particular circumstances.
  2. The funds are securely held in The Cornerstone Pre-Paid Funeral Trust which is independently administered.
  3. A copy of the Trust Deed is available on request.

Pre Arranged Funerals

You may wish to meet with a Funeral Director to discuss and record your personal details and funeral wishes. This will provide peace of mind for you and your family. Your final wishes are placed on record and your family could be assured that they have taken your personal wishes into consideration when arranging the funeral.

A pre-arranged funeral is obligation free. There are no hidden charges, and plans may be cancelled at any time by the client. A pre-arrangement however, does not guarantee future prices, as is the case with a pre-paid funeral plan..

Organizing a pre-arrangement simply means meeting with a Funeral Director to discuss your wishes, noting information that is needed to register a death, and discussing any concerns you may have. The information may be kept at the funeral home, and at time of the funeral arrangement will be discussed and finalized by the family with the Funeral Director.

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