Seddon Park & Sadliers Funeral Services offer an opportunity for you to make funeral arrangements and decisions now, with an option to pre-pay. Pre-paid funds are held in an independent trust and are applied for by the company under the terms of the trust deed.



Take the time to talk today to your family and Funeral Director to create a meaningful farewell for you and your loved ones when you're gone

A preplanned farewell is where funeral and service details are decided now, in discussion with your Funeral Director, and used at a later date.
A prepaid funeral allows you to set aside money now to pay for your final farewell. 
Peace of mind
A prearranged farewell through The Funeral Trust will give you peace of mind knowing your wishes are understood, your funeral details are in good hands and the financial aspects have been considered. 
Security of funds
The money you put aside for your prearranged funeral is held in The Funeral Trust for you or the person you nominate as the participant in The Funeral Trust. The Funeral Trust has been established by the Funeral Directors Association of New Zealand. 
You decide
Your arrangements are personal to you. In conjunction with your Funeral Director, you decide what you want.
Protect your family
Your family and loved ones are relieved of the responsibility of making difficult decisions in very emotional circumstances. 
Financial Benefit
Up to $10,000 deposited into The Funeral Trust plan is excluded from asset testing (under current government policy as at August 2020) when assessing eligibility for a subsidy for long term residential care.

Pre Arranged Funerals

You may wish to meet with a Funeral Director to discuss and record your personal details and funeral wishes. This will provide peace of mind for you and your family. Your final wishes are placed on record and your family could be assured that they have taken your personal wishes into consideration when arranging the funeral.

A pre-arranged funeral is obligation free. There are no hidden charges, and plans may be cancelled at any time by the client. A pre-arrangement however, does not guarantee future prices, as is the case with a pre-paid funeral plan..

Organizing a pre-arrangement simply means meeting with a Funeral Director to discuss your wishes, noting information that is needed to register a death, and discussing any concerns you may have. The information may be kept at the funeral home, and at time of the funeral arrangement will be discussed and finalized by the family with the Funeral Director.

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