Seddon Park Funeral Home is all about choice.

You are able to have a funeral service anywhere you would like to. You could choose our chapel, a garden, have a private service at home, or at one of the Hamilton Park Crematorium Chapels at Newstead. The list is endless. You may want a non-ceremonial service or a huge
celebration. The choice is yours.

Here at Seddon Park Funeral Home we know that you entrust us with your loved one and you want them to have the best care. Whether you chose to have your love one cremated immediately or after a funeral service, we treat everyone with the utmost respect and dignity. Every person we care for is dressed before we place them into a casket.

Between 70% and 80% of our families chose cremation over burial. Here at Seddon Park Funeral Home we allow you to tell us what type of cremation service is the most suitable. This could be:
  • A direct cremation with no viewing or any kind of service.
  • A direct cremation with viewing but no service.
  • A small family private service
  • A standard service at a venue of your choice.
When you chose a cremation with a service you may use our chapel and catering lounge at Seddon Park Funeral Home at no extra cost.

How soon can we collect ashes?

Normally ashes are available two days after the cremation. Please give us a call on 07 8461561 to make sure the ashes have been returned to us.

What are the legal requirements for the cremation process?

The certifying doctor must view the body after death and will need to complete a Form B (Certificate of Medical Practitioner) and the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death. The family or Executor need to complete an Application for Cremation, which we will provide. We submit all the above document to an independent medical referee to obtain a legal ‘Permission to Cremate’ authorisation.


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