Eco Friendly Caskets
We believe that your final footprint should be a small one. That’s why we design caskets with the environment in mind, by using in-house expertise and clever design techniques.

We’ve developed ways to minimise the use of biodegradable metal fixtures like screws without compromising the functionality of the casket. We maximise all the materials that Mother Earth loans us; water-based paints and finishes, natural waxes and untreated timber produce naturally beautiful caskets and urns, that respect the environment.

Guided by the principles of simplicity, minimalism and natural materials, we maximise the materials we use, and donate one native tree for each casket to 'Trees for Survival'.
Proudly designed and manufactured in New Zealand, using the finest interior finishing plywood. Only environmentally sustainable materials used, sourced from certified suppliers. Each casket includes a side set with built-in woollen mattress, pillow, blanket, face cloth and waterproof corn starch sheet - 100% biodegradable natural fibre materials.

No screws or glue required. Tested and certified for cremation purposes and suitable for natural burials.